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Full Moon Party in Thailand

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Full Moon Party is a very popular event taking place in Hat Rin Beach of Koh Phangan Island, in Thailand. This party has become more and more famous and has been spread almost throughout the world. The Full Moon Party is an all-night party that gathers a great number of Thai people and foreigners from many countries. The party is animated by local and international talented DJs with trance, drum and bass and reggae.

This is one of the most common reasons that attract people to travel to Thailand. During the event, most of people; including girls; drink and have fun in different ways to enjoy the beautiful colorful night at the beach. It takes place every month throughout the year when the moon appears full. To learn more about the Full Moon Party, take time to read the following paragraphs.

What about accommodation

You had better book your hotel in advance to avoid accommodation problems. It might be difficult to find a hotel at the last minute because of the many participants. The hotels also get more expensive at the heart of the event.

Secondly, it is also recommended to find an accommodation nearer the location to make it easier for you to go back afterwards. However, staying a little bit far from Hat Rin may seam more reasonable. You can book your accommodation online on Opodo's website.

Safety and security

Although the party hosts thousands of unknown people from any countries, you can stay safe and comfortable during the party. The location is surrounded by policemen and other security agents to ensure the peace. The drug laws are also really strict during the parties.

There are also undercover agents walking around to reinforce the safety and avoid unexpected situations that may happen. The robberies and assaults have been increasing in recent years. However every accident and damage can be prevented with much precaution. Here are some precautions to be taken to make your Full Moon Party safe.

  • Never carry large sums of money or valuables on you or in your purse.
  • Don't forget to drink much water before you drink alcohol. This is to avoid the strong hangover the following morning.
  • Make sure you bring a copy of your ID card or a passport with you.
  • Put on appropriate footwear to protect your feet from injury and burn caused by broken bottles and cigarettes.
  • Avoid meeting with bad people such as sex trade workers, drunk boys, unknown people that might be pickpockets.
  • Avoid riding a motorbike when you go back home.
  • Make sur you take a sweater because it gets cold in the early morning.

Getting ready for your Full Moon Party

Participating in the Full Moon Party means that you will enjoy a happy night with different amusing activities under the light of bright light of the moon and other colorful glaring light show. So pack your suitcase, plan your budget and organize your trip with Opodo. Book your flight on Opodo which is among the best online travel agencies in the world.