Photo Meet with the elephants in Thailand

Meet with the elephants in Thailand

Activities in Thailand

In the case of tourism, Thailand is famous for many reasons. Spectacular cities and villages, natural landscapes and numerous wild animals are among the best reasons why people take a trip to the country. Thailand is well-known as a common destination for elephant tourism. Anyone who visits Thailand should never miss to see this big animal that takes a great place in the country's tourism.

The best places suggested to you

  • Elephant Nature Park is included in the most visited places to see elephants in Thailand. The park conserves dozens of wild elephants roaming everywhere in the large area. All of the elephants were picked up from all over the country. You can find the place in the northern of Chiang Mai city in Thailand. During the visit, don't just expect to see the elephants, but you will also learn and see how professionals treat sick elephants and everything they need to take care of them. The park is available for the visit with affordable entrance and activity fees.
  • The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary can be found in many places around Thailand. However, the one which is located in Chiang Mai is among the best to visit. This natural reserve has made a big effort to work on the conservation of elephants and fight against illegal or irresponsible tourism practices. More than 30 free-roaming elephants are rescued and treated in this sanctuary. Elephant Jungle Sanctuary offers a nice walk by watching elephants living freely almost throughout the sanctuary. Don't miss this place if you are thinking of visiting the best places to see elephants in Thailand.
  • Elephant Hills Khao Sok National Park is a wild green area with beautiful overview. It is home to the Elephant Hills that offer elephant experiences to a large number of international visitors. Visiting this elephant sanctuary reminds you a safari tour in Africa. Apart from the comfortable accommodation, Elephant Hills allows you to experience a variety of wild activities with elephants. These include feeding, bathing, walking and taking pictures with elephants. All this makes Elephant Hills one of the best destinations to discover the reality about the elephant's life in Thailand.
  • The Surin Project is located in Baan Tha Klang, Northeastern Thailand, Surin Project aims to save elephants and protect them from complicated abuse. Elephants face problems in some sanctuaries thanks to the bad treatment of irresponsible trainers. Many people use this big animal as the main source of business and an extreme torture to achieve great results is quite frequent unfortunately. The Surin Project is there to shelter and keep elephants in good conditions. The sanctuary aims to develop the project by appealing to many people to volunteer in supporting the conservation of the elephants. Even if the place is not allowed to visitors, you will have the opportunity to see the animals by taking part in the local village community.

Traveling to Thailand to see and observe elephants

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